So Much craftiness been going on in this place! I have been sewing up some baby towels for gifts, and using my Gelli Plate to make these fabulous deli paper flowers that I learned on this blog:

I promise I will take some photos and post asap.

And I am going to do a tutorial on how to make the baby towels soon. So keep checking back. They are so fun to make, and are an easy, quick homemade gift for anyone who is expecting. 

Soooooo much better than the little storebought towels

I also finished a purse that I was making, and made 2 Box-bags, that I call boxy bags using this tutorial:

I have to post photos of those, too.

And I made 4 birthday cards, and sent them. But unfortunately, they were all belated. Because I am not good at this whole timey-wimey thing. (if you don't know, the timey-wimey reference is from Dr. Who. If you don't know Who that is, I am not sure I can be your friiend anymore. Just kidding! I just love Dr. Who. Although I confess I haven't kept up with it recently. Have no clue about the new Doctor. So don't spoil it for me. I will get around to catching up. Thank you, Netflix. And now, back to our regularly scheduled post.)

Besides crafting, we have celebrated 2 birthdays, both Son 1 and Son 2, (I wasn't late for those. Except when they were born. Both over a week. And both over 9 pounds!) and we had a Memorial Day BBQ. 

And we have been bowling several times. 

If you don't know, kids bowl free all summer at most bowling alleys. Go to to find out more.

Life has been anything but boring! 

We have had so much rain here that we have not had much of a chance to be outside. But it is ok, because that gives me more crafting time!!

And time to read. I have finally finished "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. What a beautiful picture of God's love toward us.

And I don't want to miss anything He has for me this summer. 

So, until I post the tutes and photos, I will be busy crafting, enjoying time with Him, and  enjoying the great, albiet HOT summer here. 

Hope you are doing the same.