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LOAD5 by damazingmama
LOAD5, a photo by damazingmama on Flickr.

Today, Lain (who has created Layout A Day) told us to go to ebay, look up our name and do a layout based on the first thing that comes up. When I went to ebay and looked up Leslie, a DVD for Leslie Sansone called JUST WALK came up. I liked the layout and graphics, and the title. The DVD had a "different walk for each day of the week", so I used some of the verses that mean a lot to me to make a verse for every day. So this is how it came out. I really like it. One of the scrapbook giants, ali edwards, has a class and idea to choose 'one little word' as your theme word this year. Even though I am not doing the class or the challenge, My 'one little word' has been HOPE this year. I have had an emotionally difficult 2011 and so far 2012, but I have realized that whatever the situation, I cannot place my hope in anyone or anything but God. Simply put, I trust Him.
This teapot came from Dayspring. The pot says Hope, and it has 2 teacups, Peace and Joy. The scripture on the side says: The God of all Hope will fill you with Joy and Peace. The greatest gifts I have gotten out of this year are hope, joy and peace. It has been amazing. The difficulties are pressing me to my knees more than ever, and God fills me with his Spirit to overflowing. Thank you, Father. I love you.

Letters: Dollar store (they are wall decals!)
Paper: SEI (very old!)
Rub ons and other assorted items all from my stash.

I am trying to use up my stash some before I buy new. These LOAD challenges help!

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