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Day 6

For #ouradventcheer today, we were able to bless a ministry called Rescue Upstream with a gift card to be used to help further its efforts. Rescue Upstreams purpose is to educate, inform, and partner with other organizations to help in any way possible to put an end to sex trafficking.

Sometimes we feel like we are trying to drain the ocean with an eyedropper in regard to keeping the trafficking at bay, and fighting the good fight against the ever growing problem. But we cannot grow weary in well doing, because we will reap a harvest of righteousness some day. 

My good friend Tanya and her ministry partners work so tirelessly, and it is such a difficult job, and she rarely hears a thank you. But she is doing exactly what God wants her to do, and that makes her one of the most joyful ladies I know. And it is not a fake joy either. It is real, sincere, and bubbles over into all she does. Tanya is an all-in, no holds barred type of girl. I know God is using her and her band of helpers for great good in Palm Beach County and the world. And best of all? (besides knowing I will get to spend all eternity with her) She is MY FRIEND. One of my nearest and dearest. And I am so blessed to have her in my life.

If you want to know more about rescue upstream, or how you can get involved, visit their website:

Also, she is certified to teach a great seminar called "Stewards of Children" which is about recoginzing and preventing sexual abuse. I highly recommend this seminar for any parent, grandparent, childcare worker, or anyone who has children in their lives or cares about children. In general, I think everyone should take this course. It is short, well done, and extremely informative. I went to the seminar as a support for her, not thinking I really needed to go. But WOW!! It was amazing. I came away from it equipped, informed and much more aware of how I can recognize the signs and help. You need to take this course.

Check it out at Then go to to email her and find our when the next class will be held. And if you have an organization that you think can benefit from this training, she would love to set it up and teach it for you. And certain professionals can get their certification hours by taking this course. So ask her about that, too. 

What a joy to be able to give to this great cause.

#ouradventcheer continues tomorrow with a fun suprise Christmas for someone special. Tune in tomorrow to see who and what!!

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