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Just My Thoughts

What do I say to speak into the most divisive issue of our age? 

When I was younger, it was abortion. 
 Today, it is gay rights.
And I have gay children that I love with all my heart.
But that does not change the truth.
And the truth, to me boils down to this:

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Just because you can refute scripture, and justify the issue, doesn't make it the best thing.
Maybe it makes it ok, but it doesn't make it the best choice.

Here's what I mean.

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Gratefulness Revisited

I've been feeling a bit down the last few days. Nothing serious, just feeling under the weight of my children's choices, and hurting as a result. I know, I should be beyond the grief of it. And most of the time I am. But sometimes, I just forget. And I wander into the pit again and feel sad. 

And if I am not careful, I begin to try to figure it out again, and I end up looking at the pain, and the here and now, instead of looking at Him, and trusting He is doing what He needs to do.


This time, it was a result of a conversation, an email, and some facebook posts. 

And before I knew it, I found myself hurt, and under the weight of all of the mess again.

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What's My Line?

There was a TV show when I was a kid called, "What's My Line".

On it, the contestant tried to stump the panel of celebrities as they asked him or her about their line of work. Basically, the panel asked questions about what the contestant did as a job, and they only had a few questions each, and if the person could stump the panel, the contestant won.  It was a funny show, with even funnier jobs. 

I used to wonder what I was supposed to be when I grew up. Still do, sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever grow up. Thank God he is patient with me! 

But no matter what profession we choose, or what we do, we have a calling.

A High Calling. 

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The Author

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