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Yesterday's News

I read a couple of blog posts by Ann Voskamp yesterday. She is my current favorite writer, right up there with C.S. Lewis (I am currently reading Mere Christianity by him) because she speaks with truth and doesn't mess around, but she puts it in such a way that it hits my heart right where I need to hear it. She often waxes poetically, and has such a way with words. Like C.S. Lewis. 

I think I was trying to avoid writing. Again. But God is so merciful. He always points me home. Even when I try to avoid it. 

Yesterday's post was great. It was about her brother, who after many years a bachelor, was wed. If you want to read the whole beautiful story, head over to It is a great reminder not to give up hope. Which is always applicable in this girl's life. 

So that one was good, but the next one I read, really hit me. It was called, "How to get through the Dark Places".

It is about a man, Cliff Young, who at 61 years old with no special training- just a farmer with a dream, ran and won the ultra-marathon to beat all other marathons: 544 miles. 5 days. In farm boots and overalls. Because Cliff Young ran- more like shuffled- through the darkness, without stopping. For the whole race, for the entire 544 miles, without stopping. The darkness did not overcome him. He ran straight through it. 

And there it was, right in the middle of the story- a word from God's heart that pierced me deep. Because  sometimes I don't want to persevere anymore. I just want to stop loving. Stop praying. Stop hoping. But there it was, another love-drop from His heart to my weary, hopeless, dry heart. 

The darkness that sucks at the prodigal kid doesn’t have anything on the light of his mother’s prayers.

Wow! My prayers can't stop. My heart can't stop loving because the light WILL overcome. The darkness DOES NOT win in the end. 

We know how the story ends, and better than that, we know The Victor. The Champion.
And He is the Lover of our souls.
The King of Glory, Jesus Christ.
The One and Only. 

Hillsong United puts it this way:

So I will stay, should the world by me fold. 

Lift up Your Name as the darkness falls.

I will wait, and hold fast to your Word,
Heart on Your heart, and my eyes on You.

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