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Gotta Laugh, Cry or Cuss

Today has been one of those days.


I haven't had one of these in a long time. But, here it was, just when I least expected it. 

We are currently in our motor home, on our way to visit family in Ohio. Yes, currently. At 10:35 PM. In the ptich black, with at least 1/2 hour left to go before we get to our campground. Because, it has been one of those days. In fact, although it has not seemed like it, as I think about it now, it has been one of those weeks. I should have expected it, but it hit me abruptly tonight as I cleaned up the entire bottle of wine that exploded onto the floor as we were surging forward through stop and go traffic, in the rain and construction in Charlotte, NC. Oh, and there was an accident. We were not involved. Except for the one that was happening INSIDE the moho (motorhome). 

Let me start at the beginning.

Maybe a bit before. 

Saturday was one of the most wonderful days of my life. Seriously. We hosted a wedding for a wonder couple at our home. We did it under the tree in the back yard. The kids and I did the decorations, the flowers, and Don did the pulled pork. A wonderful friend made arroz con pollo, black beans, and cole slaw. It was amazing. Such fun to be able to bless someone. 

It is often after something like this, that the enemy tries to sreal all that away. And he certainly has.

I dont know where it started. Maybe it started with us not being able to leave on Monday. I think that may be where he started to try to sink his teeth in. Or the late start we got on Tuesday. Or when the water pump on the moho went out Tuesday. Or the late start we got Wednesday, because we had to get the water pump fixed. Or the traffic jam in the rain. Or when I was trying to fix a bite to eat during the traffic jam in the rain while we were in stop and go traffic and I ended up spilling the tomato soup. EVERYWHERE. I mean, it fell from the microwave on to the floor and splashed hot tomato soup EVERYWHERE. It amazed me how much soup can splash. I demanded we pull over so I could clean it up properly. Yeah, right. In traffic, in the rain, where there were no rest areas for at least 100 miles. So the kids jumped up and started wiping everything in sight. They had their wits about them more than I did. Maybe that is because I had soup splashed all over my shirt and shorts. But none on my legs or arms. How did God even do that???

So after about 45 minutes, and 20 disinfecting wipes, the soup magically was cleaned up. Thank you Faith and Josiah. I couldnt have mustered the strength of mind and body to clean THAT up.

When I got all the wipes in the garbage, and the rags rinsed and in the dirty clothes basket, I opened an upper cabinet to get plates for salad. Because, as you remember, I was trying to fix a bite to eat for everyone. As I opened the cupboard, a full bottle of wine tumbled out and smashed all over the floor. Where the soup had just been cleaned up not 10 inutes previously. I swear. This is a true story.

So I grabbed the rags in the dirty clothes and begin to sop up wine and glass and probably bits of tomato soup. I was getting cross. Feeling like this was just not my day. Or Week. And the though occured that I could either laugh, cry or cuss (and complain) about it. laughting was the only choice. So I did. it felt good. And when dinner was done and we sat down, we thanked God for the broken water pump, because it happened in the campground, not while we were driving on the road. And there was a mobile mechanic who knew how to fix it and the part was available. And for the spilled soup, because no one was burned, and really, nothing was ruined. And that the kids set the example for me. And for spilled wine, because it didnt fall on the dog who usually is right under foot when I am in the kitchen. And because after all that, we still could laugh. There is a choice. And it is simple. Laugh, cry or cuss.  Thankfulness doesnt come naturally sometimes. Even with tomato soup and wine stains on my shorts and carpet. Reminds me there is life happening here. Even if it is messy, it is good. We have so much to be thankful for and I for one am grateful.

By the way, we just arrived at Mayberry Campground in Mt. Airy, NC. At 11:29 PM. I am going to bed. After I clean up the rest of the wine that went under the slide and I couldnt clean it up while we were driving. :) 


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