I have often been asked, "what's on your nightstand?" 

At first, I didn't understand the question. 

"My vitamins, an alarm clock with an iphone dock, a basket to catch junk, my nose strips, a lamp...that pretty much sums it up."

But then I realized I was being asked, "What are you reading? and what is on the stack to read?"

Well, why didn't you just say so???

I went to Lifeway today, and picked up some new reading material. 

As if I didn't already have a big enough stack. 

Not to mention all the Craftsy classes I have to watch.

(Don't know what Craftsy is? Oh My. Go to www.craftsy.com to have your mind blown.)

(also check out www.curious.com for more)

(the interwebs are magical. That's what my kids tell me. And I agree.)

Anyway, here is my "Summer Reading List"

Redeeming Love- Done.

When Your Child Breaks Your Heart by Barbara Johnson (almost done)

What a Son needs from His Mom- (cant remember the author)

Get Lost- Dannah Gresh

Good Call -Jase Robertson (of Duck Dynasty fame- don't knock it till you try it---This guy loves the Lord. And he's funny.)

Raising a Lady in Waiting- Jackie Kendall

The Storm Inside- Sheila Walsh

The 7 Decisions- Andy Andrews

I am also almost done with Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis which I am reading aloud to the kids. 

I have several others in the stack on the back burner, most of those light fiction, like the "Thursday Next" series by Jasper Ffiord and the Sewing Circle mysteries by Elizabeth Lynn Casey or the Tea Shoppe Mysteries by Laura Childs. 

And that is about it. So I better get busy reading or crafting or writing or something instead of just putzing around here on the old computer. 

What's on your nightstand? I would love to know. Leave it in the comments below. And join me on Goodreads, too!! www.goodreads.com