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December Daily Day 8 Ponder

Well, we've been around the block and are working on week 2! 
Can you believe it? 
Only 16 days left till Christmas.
 Remember what we have been learning? 
Take a deep breath, practice His Presence. He is with you, and HE has a plan! You are the one who gets panicky. Not Him.
Anyway, we are back to our first day of the week where we pondered last week. And I liked it so much the first day of last week, that I chose Ponder again. 
So today you get a second chance to ponder. 
Col. 1:27 says: To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of the mystery, which is Christ in you , the hope of glory. 
Don't you just love a good mystery? I do. Well, you have one living inside you. Christ in you, the hope of glory. He is our living and only hope. 
Ponder that.
A Mystery revealed. It was hidden for ages. Now it has been revealed to us and in us. 
Christ in you, your only hope of salvation.
Of doing this thing called life well.
Of freedom.
Of eternal life.
Of choosing to act, rather than react.
Of hearing the voice of God.
Christ in me, Christ in me, Christ in me,
The Hope of Glory, you are everything.
Christ in me, Christ in me, Christ in me,
The Hope of Glory, Be my Everything! 
Be my Everything, Be my Everything,
Be my Everything, Be my Everything.
And, you may be someone else's only hope. 
We are the hope of this world. We are uniquely qualified to bring the Hope of Christ to the world that he created. The hope that they need and don't even know that they need it. 
This changes everything. 
And we will talk more about this tomorrow.
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