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Just for Fun

Do you have a problem with the toilet paper in your house? I do. I don't know why, but my children don't seem to know how to replace the roll when they use the last of it. I am not sure if this is an issue of laziness, inconsideration or just not thinking. So I got a different roll holder. You do not have to do anything except slide the old roll off and the new one on. Didn't help. Never failed that when I had to use the kids bathroom, there was no paper. And I keep it under the sink, just out of reach. Yuck. 

But I found a solution. Actually, God gave me the solution. Through my favorite means: Satire. Namely, I wrote a poem and posted it over the toilet paper holder. Since then, which was over a year ago, there hasn't been a time that there wasn't paper. Not once. And it reminds me too, to put a roll on the floor if it looks close to running out. Hey, even the best of plans sometimes fail. And I don't want to be caught with my pants down. Literally. So here is my poem. Feel free to copy. I am happy to share. After all, it was a gift to me, so I pass it to you!

When you sit to go, 

or you grab to blow,

And you use the last square

Pretend that you care-

for the one who comes behind,

Be considerate and kind.

Replace the old with new,

like you would want someone else to do.


So that when you sit to poo,

paper will be there for you, too. 

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