Hi its me, Faith.

First of all, I make a lot of junk like jewelry and cards and more!

Second, my mom is making me do this and I don't know what to write, so I'll just tell you about what we did this morning.

When I got up, mom was on the computer, being frustrated. I sat down with her, and tried to figure out what she was frustrated about. And I did, because I'm awesome!

She was frustrated that she couldn't figure out how to get something on her Pinterest page. She was trying create a board, and she had never done that before. I figured out how to do it, and then we searched around the site for a while. We found Salad in a Jar, and so many other cool things. I was trying to figure out how to sign up, and Mom had to help me with that. I didn't know that it was by invitation only! So she invited me. yay! So ya'll can follow me on Pinterest, too!Pin It

And just so you'll have something fun to pin, here's something we found today and loved it! It is some delicious flaky cinnamon biscuits. Gotta try these!
Also, check out mom's pinterest or Flickr. She is doing a scrapbook challenge called LOAD212 (Layout a day). She will post pics later today.

I will write again soon. Mom will make me. Bye!

Flaky cinnamon biscuits

Source: salad-in-a-jar.com via Katie on Pinterest